Vitamin IV therapy, or intravenous nutrient therapy, is becoming increasingly popular. Not because it’s “just another” wellness fad, “but because it’s effective, and while our loyal customers return time and again it is here to stay”, say the doctors who created REVIV specifically to bring this preventative health therapy to high street clinics, wellbeing centers and even living rooms around the world. 

So how does it work? In a nutshell you’ll have a cannula inserted into your arm to get a carefully formulated fluid and vitamin concoction straight into your bloodstream. This sets it apart as an invasive medical procedure (as opposed to non-invasive) and consequently, there will be pros and cons to consider.  

Luckily, with REVIV’s professionalism and training given to every single one of our practitioners, there are more pros than cons.  

Here’s a look at the benefits and any potential drawbacks, just so you know exactly what to expect from your experience. 

Pros of vitamin IV therapy 

Fast and effective nutrient absorption 

Bypassing the digestive system, IV therapy delivers vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream, helping to ensure the ingredients are absorbed. 

Offers a wide choice of ingredients  

IV vitamin therapies offer a wide choice of ingredients (from vitamins to minerals to fluids) to choose from, including IVs, IVs with an extra push (such as added vitamin C or glutathione) or combination with a vitamin shot to best suit your own personal wellness goals. 

Customizable nutrient formulations 

REVIV offers a tailor-made, personalized approach to therapies meaning you can opt to have a truly individual approach to IV vitamin therapy. Using genetic testing and blood testing (only available in select UK clinics) you can have customized formulations to target your own requirements or deficiencies. 

Hydration and more 

Along with vitamins and minerals, our IV drips contain hydration fluids to help maintain your immune system, focus and concentration. 

Can help maintain overall wellness 

Nutrients like choline can support brain health, while others, such as vitamin B12 help with fatigue or vitamin C, which is key for normal function of the immune system. If you know you’re deficient in a vitamin or mineral or perhaps follow a vegan diet lacking in key vitamins found in animal produce, then this can be an easy and effective way to maintain normal levels.  

It’s one less thing to think about 

If daily supplementation is your route of choice and sometimes you forget or find it a struggle then IV vitamin therapy could be an option for you. At REVIV you’ll consult with a trained practitioner to decide which IV is best for you and how often to have it, replacing the need to take daily supplements altogether. 

You can have them regularly 

Although how often you have IVs will depend on your own personal medical information and on the infusion you are receiving, it is possible to have IV drip therapies weekly at the start, then every 1-2 months. Your practitioner will help guide you to what best suits your wellness plan.  

Cons of vitamin IV therapy

Not everyone is eligible 

To be on the safe side, REVIV doesn’t administer IV drips to anyone under the age of 21 in the US or 18 in the UK, or anyone who’s pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s also only given to customers who’ve had a healthcare consultation with one of our clinically trained health practitioners beforehand. 


Vitamin IV therapy isn't cheap but at least with REVIV you are paying for top-quality ingredients and doctor-led brand, with therapies administered by qualified nurses and healthcare practitioners. Plus, REVIV offers the most affordable IV vitamin drip in the US and the UK. 

Risk or infection or reaction 

Any procedure that inserts a needle has an associated risk of infection if not done under sterile conditions. At REVIV, we ensure a clean and safe medical environment. And with any intravenous or ingested therapy there is always a risk of allergic reaction to the ingredients used, although this is extremely rare, and our practitioners are well-trained in what to do should this occur.  


Reasons to feel safe with REVIV

REVIV has conducted over 1 million therapies worldwide and has an exemplary safety record, with side effects being very rare. We follow strict policies and procedures and work within all medical regulations that govern our practice. We also assess every customer on an individual basis to ensure the therapy is safe to receive on that day. We are also led by medical professionals ready to minimize any risk to you and react to any issue that may arise during therapies. 

For any further questions or concerns about vitamin IV therapy at REVIV, call your nearest clinic or book in for a consultation. 

You can also find more about our products, ingredients and safety procedures in our FAQs

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