IV therapies

At the same time these IV therapies have also caught the attention of people in the athletic or professional sport industry. In a field where even the slightest advantage can translate into a win or lose, many trainers, athletes, therapists are looking to different strategies to help provide that extra edge. IV drips and therapies may just be the answer.

The limitations to performance, even for the most conditioned athlete, usually come down to fatigue and injury. In some drastic cases the only solution to recuperation is time; however, for the majority of instances there are other ways to speed up recovery. To understand the healing process, one must first understand the anatomy and physiology of the musculoskeletal system.

Muscles and bones build the foundation of the skeleton, which serve multiple purposes in addition to movement and coordination, the basis of all sports. During physical activity, the musculoskeletal system uses substrate from the body to fuel movements against various loads and produces waste products in the process. Repeated movements against resistance also results in injury, reformatting, and subsequent reconditioning typically with a larger or more efficient structure in adaptation for future insults. In order for these powerhouses to function, they require constant supply of nutrients and efficient plumbing to rid byproducts such as heat and toxins. 

That is why muscles are highly vascular structures. The end result of the intricate system in motion is dehydration, electrolyte losses, structural breakdown, acid and toxin accumulation and fatigue, which translate into inferior function or performance.

The biochemical process described above happens to every athlete, and the endurance ability is an attestation to conditioning or optimization of reserves and efficiency. However, as aforementioned, every system eventually comes to a breaking point as energy reservoirs diminish and metabolites accumulate. This is where IV hydration can be extremely beneficial, both before and after strenuous activity. By virtue of direct administration into the blood stream, IV therapy rapidly replenishes lost fluids, restores electrolytes from insensible losses, flushes out lactic acid and toxins from muscle breakdown and minimizes injury to tissues and organs such as the kidney by decreasing the concentration of damaging substances. Using IV hydration in essence helps speed up recovery and improve performance.


The concept of performance enhancement

The concept of performance enhancement is a taboo topic and delicate science that takes into consideration the latest modalities of training, nutrition, and recuperation in an effort to hasten recovery and maximize output. As new technologies evolve this field is constantly in flux as competitors try to outdo each other while staying within the confines and spirit of equality. However, what defines equality? Surely not every athlete will have the same resources.

Most professional sports are governed by unique regulatory entities. The overarching international authority is the World Anti-doping Agency, or WADA for short. The main purpose of this committee is to ensure that athletes do not engage in activities that may give them an artificial unfair advantage by altering natural physiology. There is a long list of supplements, medicines, products, and interventions banned by WADA, and this includes the receiving of over 50ml of intravenous fluids over a 6 hour period unless prescribed by a physician for a specific purpose.

While some may argue that IV drip is just hydration and doesn’t confer any benefit, the purpose behind this restriction is to prevent the use of IV fluids to flush out or mask enhancing supplements. Similar to people undergoing drug tests, dilution of urine or blood limits the ability of diagnostic modalities to identify miniscule amounts of chemicals which may be on banned registries. In fact as discussed, IV hydration is probably the best thing for athletes performing at a high level to keep them healthy and fresh. Many professional sports do not limit the use of IV therapy and not every sport has the same regulations. WADA in fact has no true authority and merely acts as an overarching guideline for professional sports.

The REVIV Hydromax is our customized solution for the athlete. Competitive activity is hard enough on the body; let us help you recuperate. Our trademarked solution is fortified with electrolytes, anti-oxidants, and minerals to assist you in doing what you do best. With no banned WADA ingredients, our IV hydration therapy aids you in maximizing and channeling your inner spirit. We are the leading global provider of wellness and offer holistic and recovery therapies with B12, Glutathione, and IV Vitamin therapy to help you look and feel your best.

Here’s our salute to you, the warrior athlete.

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