Vitamin B12

Once activated within the body, vitamin B12 (cobalamin) supports enzymatic function in the making of compounds such as methionine, which is utilized by the body in the production of energy from food and supporting multiple cellular reactions. These reactions assist in the synthesis of red blood cells and the preservation of the protective cover surrounding nerve cells.


Contributes to:
• Normal energy-producing metabolism
• Normal function of the nervous system
• Normal homocysteine metabolism
• Normal psychological function
• Normal red blood cell formation
• Normal immune function
• Reduction of tiredness and fatigue 
• Process of cell division


Can be found in

Methyl B12

REVIV offer the most activated form of vitamin B12, methylcobalamin, as an intramuscular vitamin shot. Delivered directly into the muscle for optimum absorption, this form of B12 can support energy levels, mood and sleep cycles, as well as aiding oxygen-carrying red blood cell creation.


Designed with wellness in mind, the nutrient rich Megaboost infusion works to help accomplish restoration of the body’s essential vitamins in one drip. It can be used anytime to support the reversal effects of modern life, whether it be late nights or travelling across time zones and could increase energy levels and support the immune system. Packed with B vitamins, vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals, these ingredients work synergistically which could aid cellular health and repair.  

Why choose vitamin B12 IV therapy at REVIV?

Our therapies are carefully formulated by our expert medical team to bring the very best ingredients to where you need them most. More than just a supplement, we can deliver vitamin B12, a powerhouse nutrient for maintaining your wellness, directly to your bloodstream and cells, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract so the body absorbs as much as it can. IV drip therapy – or intravenous nutrient therapy – is efficient and affordable thanks to REVIV. 

What is Vitamin B12 Therapy?

At REVIV, vitamin B12 is a key ingredient in our Megaboost infusion, an IV drip therapy that contains vitamin B12, vitamin C and a blend of other B vitamins.  


We also offer Vitamin B12 injection, a direct and efficient way to deliver this specific vitamin. Our clinical practitioners can guide you on what’s best for your personal wellness goals.  

Benefits of vitamin B12 supplement injections

This therapy is especially beneficial for those who struggle to absorb enough B12 from their diet, for instance, vegetarians, vegans or those with anaemia.  Delivering it directly to your bloodstream means you can get the benefits of B12 which includes:
• Normal energy-producing metabolism 
• Normal nervous system function  
• Reduction of tiredness and a way to alleviate fatigue 
• Process of cell division. 

Formulations may vary depending on location. All of our products are subject to availability and eligibility following medical consultation with a registered REVIV healthcare professional.