Choline supports many essential reactions such as supporting detoxification and helping to regulate many metabolic reactions. It is needed to make specialised fats, called phospholipids that are integral to healthy cell membranes, a cell’s outer layer, designed for protection and communication. It makes acetylcholine, an important brain and nervous system chemical messenger needed for muscle contraction, memory, learning and blood pressure regulation.

Contributes to:
• Maintenance of normal cellular function
• Maintenance of normal cardiovascular function
• Normal muscle function
• Normal nervous system function
• Maintenance of normal cognitive function
• Support synthesis of essential fats
• Maintenance of cholesterol levels
• Maintenance of structural integrity of cell membranes
• Process of cell division


Can be found in


Given as an intramuscular injection for quick administration, the Slimboost shot contains lipotropic ingredients that are designed to uplift metabolism and aid weight loss alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle. The Slimboost combines several nutrients that help facilitate metabolic functions and support energy levels. 

Food sources

A normal balanced and varied diet of meat, fish and dairy including eggs, chicken, organ meat, cruciferous vegetables, fruits and shitake mushrooms.

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