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The biochemistry of glutathione

The biochemistry of Glutathione has been reviewed in a previous article. This article discusses the Vitaglow, REVIV’s trademarked Glutathione and Vitamin C IV. Even though both are seldom used in mainstream medicine, they are widely utilized together in wellness and holistic therapy. Glutathione is a very potent compound in that it quickly gets neutralized into its inactive form and loses efficacy until it can be regenerated. Likewise, vitamin C can get neutralized and lose its potency. Therefore, since both Vitamin C and Glutathione play a role as antioxidants, simultaneous administration effectively increases their potency and duration of activity.

Glutathione IVs are used for therapy in neurodegenerative disorders, for example. A side effect of Glutathione is that it can decrease the skin melanin index by inhibiting certain enzymes in the body, essentially decreasing the concentration of dark pigments. Although anecdotally effective and used prevalently in some communities, to date, Glutathione shots and IVs have not been proven to be effective for skin-lightening purposes. Even though studies show no significant adverse effects with Glutathione use in 4-12 week periods, long-term use data is still lacking.
The wellness market is a developing industry as people are beginning to seek out holistic therapies to stay healthy and ageless. Glutathione IVs and shots have garnered tremendous press attention for its anti-oxidant properties. Glutathione administered with Vitamin C theoretically propagate each other’s activity. Like most topics in medicine, there is rarely a consensus. There are few studies involving clinical use of Glutathione with statistically inconclusive data even though there is much theoretical benefit. Like all things in life, balance is the key to long-term health and happiness.

REVIV is the first IV bar with worldwide locations spanning multiple continents. We are the pioneers of wellness with an emphasis on body equilibrium. With our signature IV therapy, Glutathione IV therapies such as the Vitaglow, as well as B12 and other nutrient or vitamin drips, what life takes away, REVIV gives back. Our goal is to help educate the public on health and wellness in hopes of a more productive and healthier society.

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