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Energy intake = energy output

In order for a system to remain in equilibrium, both sides of the equation have to be balanced and metabolism is the key determinant on the energy output part of the equation. The detrimental impact of weight related illnesses is numerous and previously discussed. This article will focus on lipotropic or fat burning compounds which function by helping the body utilize alternative energy sources to achieve weight loss and body contouring.

The energy currency used by the cells and basis of all reactions in the body comes from a molecule called ATP. Once utilized, it has to be regenerated in order to participate in its normal activity required for chemical processes. To generate ATP, the body preferentially utilizes carbohydrates and sugars. Once those reservoirs are depleted which usually coincides with initial water weight loss, the body then switches to storage of fats and protein as a fuel source. Even though fats produce double the amount of energy per unit weight compared to carbohydrates, they nonetheless, generally don’t get utilized until the body is in starvation mode. This is what makes it so difficult to lose adipose or fat tissue that contributes to the exaggerated waist line.

To complicate matters when fats are finally being utilized as a fuel source from prolonged energy deficit, this triggers a sensation of hunger. Any ingested calories quickly get converted into sugar storage in the body and cause demoralizing water weight gain. In essence, fat storages are like savings bank accounts and carbohydrate storages the checking accounts. When energy currency is needed, the checking accounts gets liquidated first before dipping into the savings account. Conversely, as soon as there is a surplus, that gets deposited into the checking and savings account for future use as opposed to continuous depletion of the savings, which in this case equates to the desired goal of fat burning.

The physiological process described above evolved in a primordial world where fat reserves can mean life or death when resources are scarce. However, in the modern developed society, nutrition availability is rarely the problem, and weight loss and fitness more frequently the desired outcome. With all the challenges described and inevitable metabolic decline with age, what then can be done to promote weight loss? Exercise is certainly effective at increasing metabolic demands, but sometimes workouts and dietary restriction are simply not enough. This is where lipotropic injections such as the REVIV slimboost can be beneficial, by shifting the energy utilization pathways in the body, so that the body increases utilization of fats as an energy source. Routine and dedicated use then increases the chances of eliminating the adipose tissues resulting in a slimming effect. Nonetheless, in order for fat burning to occur, conditions of an energy deficit still must exist in order for the mechanism to take place which skeptics cite as a confounding variable with the efficacy of lipotropic supplementation.

Lipotropic compounds such as Methionine, Inositol, Choline, and Betaine are amino-acid and carbohydrate derivatives. In addition, supplements such as B12 shots and other B vitamins are also thought to have lipotropic effects. Studies have demonstrated supplementation of lipotropic compounds to promote weight loss in athletes compared to placebo. While some question their efficacy, lipotropes are naturally occurring ingredients with rare negative effects and are otherwise beneficial to the body as opposed to stimulant-type weight loss supplements which can result in various poor outcomes. Lipotropic compounds exist in food types that are commonly recommended for healthy living such as nuts, leafy green vegetables, fish… but also commercially available in doctors’ offices and IV medspas as lipotropic slimming injections.

As with anything in life, there is no magic potion for weight loss. Metaphorically, what you put in is what you get out. Despite all efforts, sometimes, the deck of cards is simply stacked against our fitness targets. Fortunately, there are various commercial adjuncts to help achieve these endpoints. While there are some non-believers, many of those who have tried lipotropic weight-loss injections attest to the multitude of benefits including, energy boost, mental clarity, aesthetic enhancement, heightened productivity and slimming. As always all weight loss regimen should be individualized and consulted with a physician prior to commencement.

REVIV is the first commercial wellness IV bar offering IV therapy, vitamin infusions, B12 shots and Slimboost lipotropic weight loss injections. We have administered over a hundred thousand s with overwhelming satisfaction. We help our clients achieve their fitness targets with natural supplements while stressing the importance of healthy and balanced life style. Our goal is to promote education and to help create a healthier and more productive society. REVIV has over 45 clinics on 4 continents including Flagship locations in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Toronto, London, Johannesburg, and Hong Kong.

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