NOVEMBER 04, 2021

Julie Burnett, 51, Manchester, UK

“I was conscious of the hyperpigmentation on my face. I did try some products and they helped but they didn’t clear the pigmentation. They didn’t work as quickly as I wanted them to and possibly they weren’t as effective as I would have liked them to be. I had been struggling with pigmentation for a couple of years before going to REVIV.

REVIV acknowledges the lighting on the images is different but both pictures are true representations of the before and after.

It got worse in 2017

“It got worse in 2017, my dad was Greek so I believe it had a lot to do with my genetics. I spent a lot of time in the sun when I was younger, so even though I wear an SPF, the sun was still managing to get through. The pigmentation was around my jaw area and it was very pronounced. My skin looked dirty, like I hadn’t cleaned it properly. It was like when you go to the hairdressers to have your hair coloured and a bit of the dye had stained your skin. I felt like I couldn’t get my skin clean. My skin also felt a bit dull and I was looking for some brightness.

“My background is midwifery, nursing, being a health visitor and research into cancer science and this meant I wasn’t so aware of how I looked. But when I started working in aesthetics it made me look at myself more and I started to pull my looks apart. I’m not used to critically analysing my face but I found myself doing it because I wanted to look the best version of myself.

“I had been struggling with pigmentation for years”

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Potential benefits of glutathione

“I was introduced to the potential benefits of glutathione by Dr Michael Barnish and I felt it would make a difference. Being a nurse practitioner I was happier trying nutritional vitamins as it was less invasive than laser treatment. I didn’t know it was possible to change pigmentation unless you went with a product that had a bleaching agent in it but I wanted to try a natural way.

“I began an eight-week Vitaglow IV with glutathione treatment plan. I was really excited about starting my treatment because I felt positive that it was going to work.

“I was happier with trying nutritional vitamins as it was less invasive than laser treatment”

“Bizarrely, even though I was on a protocol for my skin, I felt more energized after my first treatment but I didn’t notice any change to the pigmentation. I can’t explain why I had more energy, I just felt better generally, I felt that I could do more!

“It was after my second treatment I noticed a difference to my face. People at work and the gym also started to notice a difference and told me my skin ‘looked amazing’. It did, it looked cleaner and brighter. After four weeks I started to notice my pigmentation start to disappear. It was starting to pale to the colour of my skin.

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It was after the second treatment

“It was after the second treatment I started to notice a difference”

“After eight weeks of treatment my face looked amazing! I felt much happier when I looked in the mirror and would even think, ‘Yeah, I’m not bad looking’. It gave me more confidence.

“I had my treatment in 2019 and it’s made a lasting difference. It does come back which could be partly to do with hormones and the fact that I go cycling outside a lot, despite wearing factor 50, but it doesn’t look anything like it did, it’s certainly clearer than it was. I use creams to manage it now.”

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Condition: Skin hyperpigmentation
Treatment : Vitaglow IV with glutathione

Julie took part in an eight-week trial to see if glutathione could improve her facial hyperpigmentation

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