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NAD+ broken down

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a naturally occurring cofactor found in every cell within the body. The oxidised form of NAD, NAD+, is a precursor to potentially hundreds of metabolic functions within the body at a cellular level.

Researchers are exploring the form of NAD used in IV drip therapy.

A study carried out by Covarrubius in 2021 suggests NAD+ is central to energy metabolism, as well as properties such as DNA repair, healthy cellular ageing and metabolic homeostasis – simply put, the consistent balance of metabolic function within the body, for example energy production.

So, as well as being responsible for converting food to energy at a cellular level, this clever molecule ensures your cells function in the correct way and maintain the right balance to minimise the risk of cellular aging and disease.

Research is being done to discover the potential benefits for NAD+

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The ‘science’ bit

Exploring the potential advantages of NAD+ in the body, studies have been examining the metabolic and age-related pathophysiology when NAD+ levels may be decreased, and what this means for your body.

Recent research into NAD+ carried out by Radenkovic in 2020 suggests the coenzyme could be a possible therapeutic treatment for age-related conditions such as chronic inflammation and immune decline.

Another study has been looking at combining NAD+ with booster vaccinations for treating viral illnesses.

While other research report improvement in blood pressure and liver health in elderly patients.

All NAD+ trials are currently within the early stages and show promise of possibly proving the benefits of supplementation.

Broken down, these are some of the ways in which NAD+ may aid and support the body:

  • Neurological and cognitive function
  • Muscle strength and function
  • Energy levels
  • The body’s aging process

NAD+ may aid and support the body’s aging process

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NAD and anti-aging

Reportedly, as we age, our levels of NAD+ naturally deplete meaning the beneficial properties we see from are at risk of decreasing and DNA repair tails off meaning cells may be more susceptible to damage from external stressors.

Dr Johnny Parvanni, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of REVIV says: “There is a correlation between declining NAD+ levels and ageing as well certain diseased states which fuels curiosity for its role in health maintenance.”

An article printed in the Integrative Medicine journal in 2020, identifies that by the time we reach middle age, our NAD+ levels have plummeted to half of what they were in youth.

This is significant drop meaning many may not continue to experience the positive effects NAD+ can have on the body.

How to supplement NAD+

NAD+ can be supplemented orally or via an intravenous drip and due to science, we are now able to see more intravenous NAD therapies offered meaning a greater absorption rate.

This is because the coenzyme is delivered directly into the bloodstream, passing the filtration effect of the gut barrier.

Dr Parvanni says: “Due to the complex metabolism, it’s challenging to increase NAD+ levels where necessary through oral supplementation, with the intravenous (IV) route showing most efficacy.”

NAD+ IV drip therapy is now available across the USA with other countries to follow soon

REVIV and NAD+ – the future of IV NAD+

REVIV were cautious in offering NAD+ to customers, Dr Parvanni explains: “The use of IV NAD+ for various therapeutic objectives has recently become more popular in alternative medicine.

“However, administration can be accompanied with various side effects and require additional safeguards. As such we, at REVIV, wanted more experience before offering this to our customers.

“After extensive internal review and pilot studies throughout our global network we have implemented the necessary policies to safely deliver NAD+ products to the highest regulatory standards, giving our customers a full range of product offerings available to the market.”

REVIV are pleased to offer IV NAD+ in both our New York, USA, locations, with availability to be announced in other areas in the near future. To book your appointment at REVIV New York, Lennox Hill, call +1 (917) 781-2299 or the No-Mad clinic, New York, +1 (212) 470-8557.

The new offering is available as a 250mg IV drip therapy and in four different packages. A single purchase, 1 Week Program with a delivery target on day 1 and 7, 2 Week Program with a delivery target on day 1, 7 and 14 and a 3 Week Program with a delivery target on day 1, 7, 14 and 21.

Treatments are subject to eligibility, availability, and consultation with a healthcare professional.


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