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Nasal congestion, itchy/watery eyes, cough, and wheezing are common symptoms associated with seasonal allergies or hay fever. These symptoms result from an immune response generated by the body when exposed to an allergen. People often experience worsening symptoms after recurring exposure which is typical of most immunologic reaction after repeated challenge from the same agent. Together these symptoms significantly decrease the quality of life and productivity. Fortunately, there are some remedies that range from ingestion of locally sourced honey to desensitize the body from regional pollen to over the counter medications. Now a superior alternative exists in the form of IV therapy at IV bars in NYC, London, Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles and other major cities.

Allergies are manifested when an agent, called the allergen, triggers an immunologic response. This occurs in a similar manner when the body fights off an offending infection. The allergen in this case triggers a whole cascade of bodily responses that results in inflammation and histamine release. Together they cause blood vessels in the body to become leaky and spasm of muscles lining the respiratory airway which is what causes the significant itchy eyes, nasal congestion, and wheezy cough that people experience.

Therapy typically involves the administration of anti-histamines; however, the concept of hydration and allergen dilution is often deemphasized. The human body is an evolutionary masterpiece that has developed mechanisms to defend against offending agents for as long as we have lived. The central theme to this mechanism is hydration and elimination of the irritant. Even though the watery eyes and nasal congestion may be extremely uncomfortable, it is the body’s way to locally flush out allergens and limit further exposure. IV drips are so effective at reducing symptoms because they similarly systemically flush out the allergens and inflammatory mediators from the inside.

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IV wellness

“Ultraviv and Royal Flush IV’s contain electrolyte based solutions with anti-histamines and anti-inflammatory medications specifically designed to target and reduce the symptoms involved in the immunologic responses with allergies, helping our clients feeling better and increasing productivity” 

IV wellness med spas are new businesses sprouting up in a novel and rapidly expanding industry. These new IV bars offer hydrating vitamin drips, B12 injections, and other booster shots as a quick fix to help people feel better, augment productivity and maintain wellness.

Reviv is the pioneer in the wellness industry with Flagship locations in Johannesburg, Miami Beach, Las Vegas, London, Leeds and Manchester / Cheshire and express partners in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Ibiza, Dominican Republic with locations in Los Angeles, Dubai, Toronto and Hong Kong opening in 2016.

We are the future of wellness specializing in therapies such as booster and B12 injections in addition to our signature IV hydrating infusions for various conditions such as seasonal allergies. 

Our focus is on safety, professionalism and client satisfaction delivering therapies in our avant-garde med spas. Our holistic approach is based on wellness and equilibrium, helping you to look and feel your best.

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