IV hydration therapies

IV hydration therapies have long been used by people in the medical field for various reasons. Its availability, ease of administration, and effectiveness makes this a desirable therapy. However, an online medical database search of keyword “IV” and “Hangovers” yield no results regarding efficacy of these therapies. There may be several explanations to this ranging from technicality of study design to ethics behind the therapies. While the ethics surrounding hangover IV therapy is beyond the scope of this discussion, we will explore the biochemistry of the hangover phenomenon in relation to IV therapy.

“Hangover is defined by Webster’s dictionary as an unpleasant feeling such as a headache, occurring as an after effect from the use of drugs (especially alcohol). This unpleasant sensation can be primarily attributed to dehydration, electrolyte disturbance, as well as production of toxins from the metabolism of alcohol” 

These changes disturb the delicate equilibrium of the body and results in suboptimal function. The processing of alcohol involves enzymes and other products derived from B-vitamins along with Glutathione for detoxification. Paucity of any of these listed products and dehydration results in metabolic rate limitation and prolonged elimination of byproducts that can manifest in “hangover” sensation.

IV drips are the standard clinical tools utilized for hydration. In addition IV hydration is effective at flushing out toxins and balancing electrolytes. When used in combination with Vitamins and Glutathione, IV hydration theoretically could enhance the biochemical pathways leading to elimination of unwanted byproducts and thus ameliorating the symptoms associated. A clinical trial however, has yet to be done to prove the evidence behind this. Nonetheless, for many people that have tried the therapies, no evidence is required as they have all experienced the difference first hand.

The media surrounding IV hydration have been extremely skewed towards the hangover therapy angle, and as aforementioned, raises several ethical concerns regarding abuse potential and resource misallocation. However, IV drips have many other benefits such as therapy of mild cold/illnesses and seasonal allergies, enhancing energy, alleviation of chronic pain, reducing sunburn damage, prevention of jet lag, and promotion of wellbeing and productivity. These therapies, traditionally only available in a doctor’s office or hospital setting are now readily available in various boutique clinics and spas, thus fulfilling a void in the marketplace.

Reviv IV hydration is the future of wellness with IV clinics in New York, London, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles all promising to make people healthier and more productive. The therapies are considered safe and affordable, but nonetheless, have their limitations and risks.

Consumers are recommended to consult with an experienced and reputable provider before trying any of these procedures.

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