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Why choose vitamin B12 therapy at REVIV?

Our therapies are carefully formulated by our expert medical team to bring the very best ingredients to where you need them most. More than just a supplement, we can deliver vitamin B12, a powerhouse nutrient for maintaining your wellness, directly to your bloodstream and cells, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract so the body absorbs as much as it can. IV drip therapy – or intravenous nutrient therapy – is efficient and affordable thanks to REVIV. Alternatively we can offer it as a vitamin shot – quick, efficient and even more affordable.


What is vitamin B12 therapy?

At REVIV, vitamin B12 is a key ingredient in our Megaboost infusion, our signature wellness IV drip therapy that contains vitamin B12, vitamin C and a blend of other B vitamins.

We also offer another kind of vitamin B12 therapy, via a vitamin B12 injection, or intramuscular vitamin shot. In fact, REVIV offers two types of vitamin B12 as its key ingredient – the type that’s naturally produced in the body and Methyl B12, an activated form that’s ready to be used by your body.

We also offer three different B12 vitamin shots. These are:

Vitamin B12 - contains non-activated vitamin B12 taken up into the bloodstream via enzyme activity.

Super B - contains five B vitamins in one quick administration.

Methyl B12 – contains the activated form of B12 vitamin to bypass methylation process.

Our clinical practitioners can guide you on which one is best for supporting your personal wellness goals.

Benefits of vitamin B12 therapy

Our B12-rich IV therapy (Megaboost) is especially beneficial for those who struggle to absorb enough B12 from their diet. For instance, vegetarians and vegans, who struggle with dietary absorption of B12 due to not eating good sources of vitamin B12, such as meat and dairy products. It can also benefit anyone with anemia or chronic fatigue.

Delivering it directly to your bloodstream means you can get the benefits of B12 which includes:

  • Normal energy-producing metabolism
  • Normal nervous system function
  •  Reduction of tiredness and a way to alleviate fatigue
  • Process of cell division.

Here’s what this can mean for your health:

  • Optimal Nervous System Function: B12 is critical for the normal nervous system and brain functioning.
  • Cellular Health: It plays a key role in forming the building blocks of every cell in your body.
  •  Energy Renewal: Effective for those with chronic fatigue or anemia, B12 injections can boost red blood cell production, enhancing oxygen transport to your organs.

Different to IV therapy, but still containing the same key ingredient, vitamin B12 injection therapy (IM) offers a fast, direct and efficient way to deliver B12 straight into the muscle.

This can be convenient for those short of time or needing a regular course to maintain normal levels.

Considerations for Vitamin B12 IMs and IV Therapy

Safety first: At REVIV, safety is paramount. With over 1 million therapies conducted worldwide, REVIV stands as a leader in IVs and B12 vitamin shots. We prioritize your safety, ensuring that all treatments adhere to strict medical regulations for peace of mind. Our Vitamin B12 treatments and injections are administered by professionally trained healthcare practitioners in a sterile medical environment, reflecting our commitment to the highest standard of care.

Consultation for personalization: Our therapies are only administered after a comprehensive healthcare consultation to check your vitals (blood pressure, temperature and health history) and tailor the therapy to your wellness needs.

At REVIV, each therapy is carefully tailored to meet your individual needs, ensuring optimal benefits and minimal risks and that your experience is both practical and safe.

Accessibility and affordability: While any REVIV therapy is an investment in your health, we strive to make our Vitamin B12 vitamin shots and IVs accessible and affordable without compromising quality.

Learn more and get started

Are you curious how Vitamin B12 IV therapy can support your wellness? From weekly injections to regular infusions, our clinical practitioners can match your wellness goals and nutritional needs to the ideal B12 therapy.

Contact your local clinic or book online to try vitamin B12 IV therapy for yourself.

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