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The commercial capital and financial powerhouse of India offering unique experiences ranging from the beautiful promenades to its cosmopolitan culture, Mumbai is rightly known as the city that never sleeps. Conveniently located in Powai, an upscale district of Hiranandani Gardens featuring picturesque surroundings characterised by endless waters of the Arabian Sea, the REVIV Powai clinic offers refreshing and revitalising IV therapies and vitamin injections that help you cope with the pressures of the demanding routine of this island city.

REVIV Powai provides a range of specialised services created by a team of clinical physicians, formulated to nourish your body with the vitamins, nutrients, fluids and anti-oxidants such as Glutathione, allowing you to work hard and play harder!

From helping you restore wellness following common ailments such as cold to fighting the signs of ageing with our master anti-oxidant Glutathione, our IV therapies replenish your hydration levels, deliver vitamins and nutrients with a 99.8% absorption rate and refresh your cosmetic appearance leaving you feeling rejuvenated. Choose our vitamin injections for almost instant results and benefits lasting up to a week. Enhance your metabolism and reach your weight loss goal, boost your energy levels or delay the ageing effects of free radicals with our innovative and quick-to administer intramuscular vitamin injections.

REVIV Powai offers IV therapies and vitamin injections designed to benefit your body’s health, beauty, recovery, and wellness and are executed by fully certified medical practitioners. So do not let the fast-paced lifestyle or the tropical climate of this megacity leave you feeling exhausted. Book your appointment today and get REVIV'd!
Mumbai Powai - REVIV

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Mumbai Powai

1st floor El-Tara Building (Behind Delphi Building) Hiranandani Gardens Powai, Mumbai -76, , , Mumbai
+91 89 8578 7000mumbai-powai@revivme.com

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