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Discover the REVIV IV clinic on the second floor of Mary Brickell Village, in the vibrant heart of Miami's Brickell area. This is your go-to destination for hydration recovery, offering a suite of IV therapies, B12, and Glutathione injections tailored to energize, support immune health, hydrate, enhance skin appearance, and relieve hangovers, colds & flu, jet lag, and sunburn. Each therapy is a step towards preventative health and recovery, designed with your vitality in mind.

Mobile IV Drip therapy in Miami Brickell delivers everything from hangover relief to immune boosts directly to you. Book a mobile IV drip appointment with our expert registered nurses by calling +1 786 745 3533 or emailing brickell@revivme.com

Choose from our Vitamin Shots or Signature IV Therapies, designed by medical experts and administered by experienced registered nurses, ensuring 100% fast-acting absorption for long-lasting benefits:

Signature IV Therapies:
Hydromax - Fitness
Miniboost - Immunity
Ultraviv - Recovery
Megaboost - Restoration
Vitaglow - Beauty & Pro-Aging
Ultraviv PRO - Hangover Relief
Royal Flush - Total Rejuvenation
HELIIX - Detox
NAD+ - Biohacking/Brain Function

Vitamin Shots:
Glutathione: Detox
Vitamin B: Energy
Vitamin C: Immunity
Biotin: Skin and Hair
CoQ10: Fitness
Slimboost: Weight Loss

Short on time? Our mobile at-home IV drip services are available 7 days a week. Our registered nurses bring IV drip therapy to your hotel, apartment, or office. Book online now for same-day appointments.

Remember, Wednesday's specials are 15% off all IV therapies, making midweek the perfect time to rejuvenate.

Embrace a lifestyle of wellness and vitality in Brickell with REVIV's personalized therapies, designed to meet your unique wellness goals and combat the fatigue of city life. Let us be your oasis of rejuvenation in Miami, where every therapy is a step towards optimal health and vitality, "Because in Miami, every moment is an opportunity to thrive!"
REVIV Miami Brickell

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Miami Brickell

901 South Miami Avenue #211, , 33130, Miami
+1 786 745 3533brickell@revivme.com

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Mobile IV Therapy

A custom service administered by one of our expert medical professionals, wherever you are in the world.

*Mobile & at home service, conditions apply