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REVIV Karachi opened its doors in 2019 and can be found in Clifton in the City of Karachi on the doorstep of the British High Commission. The Karachi REVIV IV clinic is located in Dr. Fehmida Arif’s private practice in a quiet, safe and peaceful neighborhood.

Boasting 30 years of experience in the medical and aesthetic field, Dr. Fehmida Arif will be the first to bring IV vitamin therapy to Karachi, Pakistan. With an outstanding reputation for quality and customer care Dr Arif will deliver an uncompromising REVIV experience using only internationally acclaimed products and equipment to ensure the highest quality.

REVIV’s five signature IV therapies are all available in our Karachi IV clinic so choose between Hydromax for replenishing hydration, Ultraviv for recovering from ailments, Megaboost for boosting your immune system, Vitaglow for fighting the signs of aging, or Royal Flush the ultimate wellness and recovery therapy.

For those looking for an instant pick-me-up our vitamin injections deliver immediate results. With four to choose from use Vitamin B12 for a natural energy boost, Slimboost for speeding up your metabolism, Glutathione for rejuvenating your skin or CoQ10+ for powering up your fitness.

REVIV IV therapies can help to reduce recovery time from common symptoms of life in a stressful and polluted environment. Using IV drip therapy REVIV deliver essential nutrients and vitamins into the body surpassing the digestive tract for better absorption providing energy, metabolism and immune boosters that can last for days, as opposed to oral supplementation.

All vitamin injections and IV therapies are administered by fully certified medical staff and all REVIV Karachi customers will enjoy a great experience from the time they enter through to their aftercare support.
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Karachi - Dr. Fehmida Arif's Private Practice

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