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Long established as a stopping off point on a Safari in Botswana or the Kruger National Park, Johannesburg is South Africa’s largest city and one of the country’s most diverse. For those spending a couple of nights in Joburg as part of their vacation, there are plenty of attractions to keep you entertained. Take in the history with a visit to the Apartheid Museum, or spend your days shopping in the Maboneng precinct in the city center which is a hub of trendy restaurants, markets and art galleries.

At REVIV we’re the global leader when it comes to IV wellness and to date we’ve delivered over 500,000 therapies worldwide. We have flagship clinics all over the world and offer five signature IV therapies in all of our clinics. These IV therapies are focused on rehydration, assisting recovery from illness, restoring vitamin and nutrient levels, refreshing cosmetic appearance and reviving your general wellness and wellbeing.

All our IV therapies have been formulated by our clinical physician team and include a mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and electrolytes that are designed to help improve your wellness. From sports stars to celebrities and everyone in between, hundreds of thousands of people have benefitted from the REVIV experience.

Enjoy an energy boost with our B12 vitamin injection or let our Slimboost injection increase your metabolism and help you lose weight. Glutathione is our master antioxidant vitamin injection which helps to brighten your skin and detoxify your body, finally, CoQ10+ is our fitness-focused formulation that can help you smash you smash your workouts.

A visit to Joburg can leave you feeling drained but a quick visit to the REVIV IV clinic can help you feel refreshed, revitalized and rejuvenated.
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