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Whether you’re in Egypt for a trip to the North Coast, Red Sea or simply want to travel back in time by exploring the 7th wonder of the world, REVIV wants to ensure you make the most out of your trip. Offering you hydrating IV therapies to help you combat the effects of the scorching heat and damaging UV rays of the sun, quenching your body’s thirst. Want to watch the most beautiful sunrise in Mount Catherine in Sinai, then make sure to prepare your body with our Megaboost IV drip to give you that lasting boost of energy and help you enjoy every step of your hike!

Dating back to 1550 BC, Imhotep, God of Medicine, understood the importance of the nutrients derived from vegetables, animals, and minerals. Today REVIV Cairo aims to deliver the modern equivalent of ancient Egyptian medicine.

REVIV, a global leader in doctor-led preventative health services focuses on the importance of educating our clients on the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. Offering services that promote and facilitate healthy living, leaving you feeling REVIV’d.

Feeling stressed, tired, fatigued or just in need of an immunity boost? Wondering how can you achieve healthier, younger looking skin, hair and nails? Feel free to pop into our clinic to ask which IV Therapy is best for you!

Don’t have the time for our IV treatments? No worries we got you covered! Our booster shots can give you that boost on the go! Choose from one of our signature vitamin injections to help you control your weight, feel energized, fight the effects of aging and improve physical performance.

Discover the life-changing power of REVIV Genetics, the most accurate and insightful DNA test available on the market.

Gone are the days of feeling lethargic and frustrated with fad diets that never work. Our lifestyle genetics analysis aims to provide you with the most comprehensive guide to your own body, paving the way for you to reach your full potential through our customised therapies recommended by our team of scientists!

Restore your body’s equilibrium and give yourself a boost by booking yourself an appointment today.

Whether you’re in Cairo for pleasure or business, REVIV Cairo has got you covered!
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Mobile IV Therapy

A custom service administered by one of our expert medical professionals, wherever you are in the world.

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