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Bucharest has been likened to a new Berlin or a little Paris, but whether you agree or not, Romania’s capital city is a fun and vibrant town with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The old town is going through something of regeneration with new bars, cafes and restaurants popping up daily and adding to the city’s fun vibe. Mixed in with the communist era concrete buildings you will find some genuine gems including French-style boulevards, pretty churches and art nouveau buildings. And of course, there’s the nightlife, which is the best in the Balkans.

If you’ve partied too hard and need a hangover cure then head to the REVIV flagship clinic in the Primăverii district of Bucharest. Here you can choose from one of our five IV therapies that are designed to help you recover from common ailments including a hangover. As well as boosting recovery, our IV therapies can help you feel rehydrated, refreshed, re-energized and revitalized.

Packed full of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants, our IV therapies give your body what it needs and thanks to the fast absorption rate you’ll soon start to feel the benefits. Vitamin injections are another popular option with our customers and they provide an almost immediate energy boost, feeling of wellness and increased metabolism.

Put a spring back into your step with our fast-acting vitamin injections and IV therapies. All our therapies are delivered in our comfortable and private therapy rooms in a relaxing and calm environment. Book your appointment with us today and look forward to feeling REVIV'd.
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