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With a history dating back thousands of years and cultural influences ranging from the Phoenicians and Romans to Greeks and Ottomans, Beirut sits on the Mediterranean coastline and is backed by mountains. Spend your morning relaxing on the beach, your afternoon hitting the ski slopes and your evening in the clubs listening to international DJs dropping beats. It’s easy to feel drained on a visit to Beirut so keep your energy levels high with a visit to the REVIV clinic in downtown Beirut to feel rejuvenated.

With a choice of five hydrating, replenishing, revitalizing and refreshing IV therapies we can help you not only look great but feel great too. Our IV therapies are fast to administer and are specially formulated to help you live a life full of adventure. Whether you are suffering from dehydration, stress, fatigue, exhaustion or general illness, our fantastic therapies can help you recover and leave you feeling REVIV’d.

Give your body a detox and look forward to clearer and brighter skin with the help of our anti-oxidants beauty IV therapy known as Vitaglow. Looking for a complete body detox and full wellness therapy? Our Royal Flush IV is a fully deluxe therapy that delivers the recovery benefits to combat illness, jet lag and other minor ailments with the wellness benefits of cleansing your vital organs and giving your body a boost.

Combine any of our IV therapies with a vitamin injection for added benefits including more natural energy, increased fat burning potential, healthier looking skin and better fitness performance. We’re the global leader when it comes to IV wellness therapy and to date we’ve delivered over 500,000 therapies worldwide. Visit the REVIV Lebanon clinic and start your REVIV journey today.
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928 Omar Daouk Street, Khaled Daouk Building 3rd Floor, , , Beirut

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Mobile IV Therapy

A custom service administered by one of our expert medical professionals, wherever you are in the world.

*Mobile & at home service, conditions apply