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REVIV X allows you to deliver IV drip therapy under the world-leading brand, REVIV.
The low-cost, low-risk solution to IV success in your business.

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Who is REVIV?

REVIV is the leading global provider of IV drip therapy and personalized and precision nutrition, and it’s looking for partners like you!

Drawing on over 10 years of industry experience, it has helped to support people on their wellness journey in over 47 countries, safely delivering over 2 million IVs.

It has not only set the safety standards since 2013 but passed on its passion for prioritizing patient safety through its IV Academy and IV drip therapy training, supporting its REVIV X partners to grow their knowledge and business too.

Is this the injection your business needs?

47 countries and only 1 global brand. Join the revolution today!

Why Join The Leading

Global Brand In IV Drip Therapy?


Per visit of average revenue


Monthly revenues yielded by 5 customers a day


Monthly subscriber investment

Offer REVIV’s proprietary products

Operate to REVIV’s Standards

Operate under REVIV’s Safety

Be present on REVIV’s Website

Benefit from REVIV’s Marketing

Receive REVIV’s Industry Training

Access REVIV’s Personalized Formulations

Access to REVIV’s Approved Suppliers

Leverage REVIV’s Industry Know-How & IP

Key features

A digital product suite enabling any medically-led business to offer IV drip therapy and under a leading brand.

Protected by patents and powered by technology at every step.

Supported by a database of over 26,000 personalized and laboratory certified formulations, including exclusive world brand collaborative formulations.

Science-backed formulation recommendations personalized to every customer.

Extensive medical screening tool reinforcing safety and consistency.

Practitioner training via the industry’s first global CME & CPD accredited e-learning course.

Medical oversight and supervision integration.

A fully immersive brand hub with access to a library of materials covering regulations, safety, training modules, expert support, community, medical standards, brand standards, and much more!


World class
onboarding & support



REVIV HUB serves as the comprehensive support system for REVIV X operators worldwide. Its primary objective is to provide a one stop shop giving access to tailored workflows, marketing & promotional materials, key documents and news and communications.

REVIV HUB also serves as your gateway to the REVIV Global Coordination Centre for direct support team assistance.

The ultimate value of the Hub is to empower your team to self-serve their needs. It enhances accountability, engagement, and control over branding and medical operations, ensuring a cohesive and efficient approach.

Getting Started:

Click to Subscribe & Set Up Your Account

You’ll be directed to our digital platform where you’ll need to enter your contact information and business details and select the subscription plan that works for you.

Set Up Clinic Operations

This is where you’ll provide details on your clinic locations and invite your team members to access the REVIV X tools and training. You’ll also set the parameters for the IV treatments that you’d like to offer to your patients.

Complete Training

You and your team will now have full access to REVIV’s suite of training that each of you will need to complete prior to offering IV treatments to your patients.

Buy Medical Stock & Equipment

To offer IV treatments you’ll need the appropriate equipment and medical stock. Full details of everything you’ll need to get started is provided along with details of preferred suppliers for the medical ingredients and consumables specifically needed for REVIV IV Therapy.

Start Making Money!

Once the above steps are complete, you’re all set to begin marketing IV therapy to your client base and using REVIV’s digital tools to begin administering treatments. But you’re not on your own, REVIV have provided a comprehensive suite of marketing materials and guidance to ensure your success and our dedicated and experienced support team is always on hand to offer guidance where needed.


Start making money today!

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Do I need to be regulated or accredited to offer IV therapy?

Yes, you must adhere to the local territory or state-based regulation including the need for a prescriber or medical doctor. Please review the Regulatory Considerastions for further guidance.

How long will it take for me to be ready to sell?

This will depend on how long it takes for you and your team to complete the training and for you to procure the required IV nutrients and equipment. This activity can be completed in as little as 2 weeks.

What is not included in the REVIV X subscription?

REVIV X provides comprehensive technology, training, sales, marketing, and support platforms along with guidance on potential suppliers and regulatory considerations. This does not include access to medical infrastructure, telehealth, and procurement/supply chain all of which will need to be established to enable launch.