As the excitement for race week in Las Vegas gears up, we’re counting down to what promises to be one of the most electrifying events in motor sport history. 

But with all the high-octane excitement comes the need for peak performance – not just for the drivers, but for the fans too.  

That's where REVIV kicks into gear with its supercharged IV drip therapies. Packed with vitamins, nutrients and hydration, they’re the perfect way to help you refuel, recharge and recover so you don’t miss any of the action! 

Get race-ready with REVIV 

When the roar of racing cars reverberates through the Las Vegas Strip from November 16-18, 2023, you won’t want anything slowing you down or stopping you from enjoying a single minute of the excitement.  

Whether you’re there for the blistering laps or the glamorous lifestyle synonymous with race week (or both!) REVIV’s IV drip therapies can help keep you on track, supporting your immune system, stamina and own personal wellbeing from the start of race week right up until the finish line.  

All you need to do is decide which REVIV package or therapy to book in for … 

Pre-book your peak performance at Las Vegas Cosmopolitan or MGM Clinics 

Beat the crowds and put yourself first by booking these exclusive Race Week Packages in advance at either of our luxury locations. 

The VIP Enclosure Package 
Get the ultimate triple threat to keep you on top of your game: 

1x Royal Flush 
1x The Grand IV (Megaboost) 
1x Ultraviv 

All for $720.
Pre-book now 

The Paddock Club Package 
For hydration and recovery throughout race week, go for: 

1x Royal Flush 
1x The Grand IV (Megaboost) 

Priced at $550*. 
Pre-book now 

Our Race Week therapy menu 
IV drip therapies:

REVIV Stamina (Hydromax): $119 
Miniboost: $139 
The Grand IV (Megaboost): $249 
Vitaglow: $249 
Ultraviv: $199 
Ultraviv Pro: $329 
Royal Flush: $399 
HELIIX: $599 
Vitamin C Add-On: $59 
Glutathione Push Add-On: $99 

Package pricing available 

NAD is available by appointment – please see the front desk. 
Book now 

Wellness bundles 

Immunity Bundle: $319 
Vitality Bundle: $319 

Vitamin shots 

Slimboost: $49 
Glutathione: $49 
Vitamin C: $49 
CoQ10+: $49 
Vitamin B12: $39 
Methyl B12: $49 
Super B: $59 

For those seeking an unparalleled experience, explore our V-VIP Bespoke Services.  


Where to find us 

Secure your spot at either of our glamorous Vegas locations. You can find us at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan hotel, or at the MGM.  

Make sure to pre-book your therapies to guarantee that you’re not left in the dust. 

Who’s eligible?

T’s & C’s apply: REVIV therapies are subject to eligibility and consultation with a healthcare practitioner first. Not suitable for under 21s or anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Find out more about our therapies in our FAQs

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