Vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) cannot be made in the human body, making it an essential nutrient that can be consumed through a normal balanced diet or supplementation. Vitamin C is an important compound in the production of collagen and carnitine and can support the protection of immune cells from the toxins they release.

Contributes to:
• Support of normal immune function
• Normal collagen formation 
• Normal functioning of the nervous system
• Normal psychological function
• Normal function of the immune system 
• Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
• Regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E
• Increased iron absorption


Can be found in

Vitamin C booster shot

Vitamin C can work in a multi-faceted role within the body; it could support your immune health as well as combat free-radical accumulation as a potent antioxidant. REVIV offer you an intramuscular shot for those wanting an express delivery of vitamin C, aiming to aid immunity and promote healthy collagen formation which could lead to a brighter, glowing complexion.  


Designed with wellness in mind, the nutrient rich Megaboost infusion works to help accomplish restoration of the body’s essential vitamins in one drip. It can be used anytime to support the reversal effects of modern life, whether it be late nights or travelling across time zones and could increase energy levels and support the immune system. Packed with B vitamins, vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals, these ingredients work synergistically which could aid cellular health and repair. 

Formulations may vary depending on location. All of our products are subject to availability and eligibility following medical consultation with a registered REVIV healthcare professional.