Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1, or thiamine, can convert sources of food into normal chemical energy by assisting the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of sugars and amino acids. These roles in normal energy metabolism are needed for normal growth and development, as well as cell function. Your body is not able to make vitamin B1 and eating a balanced diet or supplementing is key to supporting your levels.

Contributes to:
• Normal energy–producing metabolism 
• Normal function of the nervous system
• Normal psychological function
• Normal heart function


Can be found in


Designed with wellness in mind, the nutrient rich Megaboost infusion works to help accomplish restoration of the body’s essential vitamins in one drip. It can be used anytime to support the reversal effects of modern life, whether it be late nights or travelling across time zones and could increase energy levels and support the immune system. Packed with B vitamins, vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals, these ingredients work synergistically which could aid cellular health and repair.  

Royal Flush

Packed with vitamins, minerals and medications, the Royal Flush IV drip works to support both your recovery and wellness in one treatment. Combining elements of the Ultraviv, Megaboost and Vitaglow, the Royal Flush could supercharge your recovery and nutritional balance by providing the ingredients you need directly into your bloodstream. Our all-in-one infusion has been specifically designed to help you rehydrate, support recovery and aid detoxification.  

Food sources

A normal balanced diet of many foods such as peas, some fresh fruits (such as bananas and oranges), nuts, wholegrain breads, some fortified breakfast cereals and liver.

Formulations may vary depending on location. All of our products are subject to availability and eligibility following medical consultation with a registered REVIV healthcare professional.