Prescription medications

Our recovery IV drip therapies contain drugs for symptom management during minor illness.

Can be found in

Royal Flush

Packed with vitamins, minerals and medications, the Royal Flush IV drip works to support both your recovery and wellness in one treatment. Combining elements of the Ultraviv, Megaboost and Vitaglow, the Royal Flush could supercharge your recovery and nutritional balance by providing the ingredients you need directly into your bloodstream. Our all-in-one infusion has been specifically designed to help you rehydrate, support recovery and aid detoxification.


If you’re feeling rundown give your body the helping hand it needs with Ultraviv’s medications combined with vitamins and antioxidants aim to aid recovery and rehydrate as you need it. Take advantage of our concierge services when you’re not feeling your best and have us come to you to make rest and recovery your priority. 

Ultraviv PRO

Combining essential vitamins and nutrients, delivered alongside the maximum in hydration, the Ultraviv PRO is the premium recovery infusion under the Ultraviv family. In clinic or through our mobile services, REVIV could assist your recuperation.

Formulations may vary depending on location. All of our products are subject to availability and eligibility following medical consultation with a registered REVIV healthcare professional.