Methionine is an amino acid essential for at least 50 reactions within the body, including methylation, supporting healthy growth, development and function. It acts as a precursor to several key compounds such as creatine, responsible for chemical energy recycling. Methionine supports detoxification as a precursor compound to the amino acid, cysteine, a major component of glutathione, the body’s principal antioxidant.


Contributes to:
• Supporting normal chemical energy production
• Supports normal growth and development
• Maintenance of normal cellular function
• Maintenance of normal cardiovascular function
• Maintenance of structural integrity of cell membranes



Can be found in


Given as an intramuscular injection for quick administration, the Slimboost shot contains lipotropic ingredients that are designed to uplift metabolism and aid weight loss alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle. The Slimboost combines several nutrients that help facilitate metabolic functions and support energy levels.

Food sources

A normal balanced diet including protein foods like fish, nuts, and shellfish like oysters, seeds, wholegrains, tofu and eggs. 

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