Is a carbocyclic sugar and is an important messenger compound of the cell membranes, allowing cells to communicate with each other via hormones. Inositol may support fat metabolism in the liver, through its lipotropic nature. It supports the thyroid stimulation hormone and follicle stimulating hormone which are important messengers to the body. It also helps to make proteins more diverse in function, this process is called protein phosphorylation.

Contributes to:
• Maintenance of structural integrity of cell membranes
• Normal insulin sensitivity
• Normal function of reproductive hormones
• Supporting normal metabolic function
• Normal hormonal health
• Maintenance of normal brain function



Can be found in


Given as an intramuscular injection for quick administration, the Slimboost shot contains lipotropic ingredients that are designed to uplift metabolism and aid weight loss alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle. The Slimboost combines several nutrients that help facilitate metabolic functions and support energy levels. 

Food sources

A normal balanced diet including fruits, beans, nuts and grains including cantaloupe, oranges, grapefruit and limes. It can also be found in fibre-rich foods like corn, brown rice, beans and wheat bran.