Genetic testing

Genetic testing

Nutrigenetic testing, unlocking your biological blueprint

We offer genetic testing services in many of our worldwide flagship clinics.*

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Our understanding of your genetics can help to build the best version of you. With our pioneering proprietary genetic algorithms our scientists are at the forefront of creating truly personalized nutritional health solutions.

Nutritional health is nuanced by nature

Have you ever wondered why two people can respond so differently to diets, exercise, or stress. Or why some people get ill easily, despite having a similar lifestyle to others that do not?

That’s because variation in a person’s genetics accounts for a large proportion of our individuality, not just externally, but how the body functions internally. Unless you’re an identical twin, you will have a unique pattern of genetic information that is completely unique to you and that stays the same throughout your lifetime.

That’s why with REVIV genetic testing, our medical team is able to accurately understand the characteristics that are truly unique to you and create a completely individualized nutritional health plan, targeted to your body’s specific nutritional needs. 

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The REVIV Genetic Service

REVIV genetic tests are available at one of our global, flagship clinics.

Easy to carry out, we simply collect your DNA using a non-invasive mouth swab and send your sample for analysis at one of our clinical laboratories.

At 99.7% accuracy, our genetic testing is highly accurate and your results will be delivered within weeks.

From there, we’ll provide your personalized follow-up consultation, helping to ensure your genetic data is understood and interpreted in the way that’s most effective for your personal nutritional health journey.

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How it works

  • Initial consultation

    20 minutes
  • Testing (oral swab)

    15 minutes
  • Lab analysis

    Turnaround time 6-8 weeks
  • Report

    Receive your personalized report
  • Results consultation and precision nutrition plan

    1 hour

Personal means private, always.

Worried about your privacy? Don’t be. All genetic samples are destroyed, results are kept on secure encrypted servers and, most importantly, we never sell any data to third party companies.