Corporate events

Corporate events

We offer a bespoke service dedicated to corporate wellness, giving you the opportunity to bring REVIV to the office.


Bring REVIV into your work place for a bespoke wellness experience. We can support your corporate wellness programme by delivering our services in your work space".


Luke Mills, Managing Director, REVIV UK

Services - Concierge - Mobile - IV Therapy

REVIV corporate service

Whether it be a corporate event or an office party at the end of a busy year, our dedicated clinical team can create a pop-up clinic offering our scientifically formulated IV drip therapies and booster shots to you whilst you work. 

In an age of prioritising wellbeing and looking after our minds and bodies, now is the time for you to showcase REVIV to your employees, offering an extensive menu of therapies that could see a whole host of wellness benefits for a supported and valued workforce.

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