Complaints Policy

This information has been made available by REVIV Global Ltd and has validity for all its operations including individual clinics. 


REVIV provide IV Hydration therapy as well as Intramuscular therapy and Lifestyle Genetics analysis. REVIV and its teams of qualified Medical professionals always strive to provide the best possible service and customer experience. In any case where you are not happy with the services provided, please let us know and we will endeavor to solve the problem immediately. If this does not prove satisfactory, or if you do not want us to deal with your complaint informally, we will treat your complaint as a formal complaint and you will receive a written reply from us. You will find the steps to take and rules to follow in this formal complaints procedure. 

Article 1. Definitions

In this procedure, the terms are defined as follows: 

a. REVIV: meaning REVIV Global Ltd or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated clinics by or otherwise while trading officially under the REVIV brand; 

b. Cooperating Partner, third party related to REVIV: a franchised REVIV clinic; 

c. Complaint: every announcement of dissatisfaction about our behaviour, action or omission, error, vagueness and/or incompleteness; 

d. Complaint Handler: the REVIV employee or representative who deals with the Complaint and who, if the Complaint concerns an employees behaviour, was not involved in this behaviour. 

Article 2. Filing a Complaint 

1. You may file your Complaint either through regular mail or e-mail. 

2. A Complaint must contain at least: a. Your name, telephone number and address; b. the date; and c. a description of your Complaint. 

3. If your Complaint is formulated in a foreign language and a translation is needed for the fair treatment of the Complaint, please file a version translated into English. 

Article 3. Complaint Handler 

1. If your Complaint concerns a single event, then the Complaint Handler will in principle take care of the Complaint. 

2. If your Complaint relates to multiple events, then the settlement of the Complaint will be overseen by the board of REVIV. 

Article 4. Forwarding obligation 

1. If your Complaint is received by a part of REVIV that is not relative to your Complaint, we will forward your complaint to the appropriate Handler and inform you about this. 

2. The Complaint Handler sends your Complaint that cannot be handled, back to you as quickly as possible and with reasons. 

Article 5. Supplementary provisions 

1. If your Complaint has been filed orally or through social media and does not comply with the terms in this policy we will ask you to resubmit your Complaint within two weeks. 

2. If your Complaint submitted orally has not been submitted in written within two weeks, then our obligation to follow this procedure ceases to apply. 

Article 6. Confirmation of receipt 

1. The Complaint Handler confirms the receipt of your Complaint within two weeks after receipt by phone with the intention of settling the Complaint informally. 

2. If the informal settlement of the Complaint as referred to in paragraph 1 leads to your content, then there is no further action from our side. 

3. If the informal settlement of the Complaint as referred to in paragraph 1 has not resulted in your content, then the Complaint Handler will deal with the Complaint formally. You will receive written notification and will be offered the opportunity to be heard. 

Article 7. No obligation to deal with Complaint

1. There is no obligation to deal with your Complaint if the Complaint concerns an action: 

a. that has previously been subject of a Complaint that has been dealt with according to this regulation;

b. that has taken place more than a year before the Complaint was filed; 

c. that the Complainant could have objected to; 

d. that the Complainant can appeal against, unless the behaviour consists in not making a decision in a timely fashion, or if an appeal can be lodged against it; 

e. which, as a result of having initiated a lawsuit will be judged by a legal organization other than an administrative court, or has been judged likewise; 

2. Examination of the Complaint is not required if the interests of the Complaint and/or the gravity of the action appear insufficient. 

3. You will be informed in writing as soon as possible and at the latest within four weeks of not pursuing the Complaint of the reason for this. You will be notified of the possibility of requesting an investigation with the National Ombudsman within one year of the date of the notification. 

Article 8. Formal handling and hearing 

1. The Complainant and the person against whom the Complaint is filed will have the chance to be heard. 

2. The Complainant may not be heard if 

a. You do not meet the requirements in this policy; 

b. Your Complaint is unfounded; 

c. You (by telephone or in writing) have declared that you do not want to make use of the right to be heard; 


3. You may seek someone else to represent or help you. If someone else attends the hearing on behalf of you filing the Complaint, this person must show a written authorization, unless the representative is a lawyer. 

4. There will be a report made of the hearing. 

Article 9. Handling term 

1. The Complaint Handler deals with your Complaint within six weeks after receipt. 

2. The handling of the Complaint can be adjourned for at most four weeks. The person filing the Complaint will be notified in writing of the adjournment as will the person whose behaviour it applies to. 

3. Further delay of the handling of the Complaint is possible insofar as you agree with this. 

Article 10. Written handling 

Complaints dealt with in writing contain a description of the Complaint, if applicable a copy of the report of the hearing, a notification with reasons of the findings of the inquiry into the Complaint, the verdict and the possible conclusions ensuing from it. There is also notification of the fact that within one year of the date a petition may be sent to the National Ombudsman. 

Article 11. Registration and publication 

1. The Cooperating Partner of REVIV as provided takes care of the registration of the relevant written Complaints submitted. 

2. The registered Complaints are made anonymous. 

Article 12. No objection or appeal

There is no objection or appeal possible against the decision about a Complaint as provided for in this procedure.