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Find your nearest REVIV clinic, whether you’re looking for our flagship precision nutrition therapies or in need of an REVIV X wellness boost. 

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REVIV X locations are smaller, convenience-focused facilities, designed to deliver a wellness boost in between your afternoon meetings or during a lunch break. Offering a hassle-free service, it’s here you’ll find our signature IV and IM therapies, easily bookable in advance and administered by one of our medical professionals. 

If you’re seeking a wellness boost suited to your schedule, then find your local REVIV X now.

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Flagship clinics

Our Flagship Clinics are our largest facilities, equipped with all the clinical amenities needed to deliver our most advanced wellness therapies. It’s here that you’ll find our full precision nutrition offering, including both blood testing and genetic sequencing.

If you’re seeking our most precise health and wellness therapies, tailored to your body’s nutritional needs then find your local REVIV Flagship Clinic now. 

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IV mobile therapy

Our IV Mobile Therapy works just as it would if you visited one of our worldwide clinics. The only difference is, we come to you. A member of our specialist team will make the necessary arrangements, such as where you’ll be located - at home or at the office - and how many people would like to receive one of our injectable nutritional health therapies.

If you’re seeking a custom service for you or your team, administered by one of our expert medical professionals, wherever you are in the world, then get in touch with our concierge team now. 

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