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Leading the conversation in precision nutrition.


We exist to transform human health

As a global leader in precision nutrition, REVIV are a multidisciplinary team of doctors, pharmacists, and scientists dedicated to formulating nutritional therapies backed by scientific data. We represent a new age in healthcare, helping to make precision nutrition universally understandable and accessible.  

Since our inception in 2013, we have developed from our singular Miami clinic to becoming a worldwide brand, delivering safe and nutritionally effective IV drip therapies and booster shots. We strive to empower you in making preventative decisions through understanding your body and your unique nutritional requirements to optimize your health and well-being.  

Today we have over 108+ worldwide clinics spanning across 47 countries, and have delivered more than 2 million personalized therapies. 

About Us - REVIV

Setting global IV drip therapy safety standards since 2013

About Us - REVIV

Our investment in life sciences and genetics, exploring further.

As a superior voice in the field of precision nutrition, REVIV’s Life Science team work towards the creation and development of personalized intravenous and intramuscular therapies through evidence-based scientific data.  

Studying the disciplines of genetics, epigenetics and nutrigenomics, we have grown and established our specialist team to continuously contribute scientific research and develop our products and services. By monitoring the effectiveness, as well as safety aspects, of our nutritional therapies through clinical studies, our Life Science team ensure that science is at the core of everything we deliver. If you are interested in REVIV’s case study series please click on the link below for more information.  

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About Us - REVIV

Our multidisciplinary team, a wealth of knowledge.

We’re a team at REVIV, working collaboratively to explore a pioneering frontier of human science. Multiple disciplines offer their expertise to formulate and produce innovative therapies aimed at optimizing personalized nutritional solutions.

Our team consists of experts in:

  • Clinical medicine and nursing
  • Pharmacology
  • Biomedical science
  • Food and nutritional science
  • Genetics

Our mission to maximize your wellness: create your own REVIV journey.

About Us - REVIV

Our journey

REVIV are at the forefront of precision nutrition as a scientific movement, and we are keen to deliver individualized products across the globe. We believe that good nutrition is key to good health, and our mission is to attempt to enhance your nutritional intake through recommendation of nourishing solutions, and genetic analysis. Taking a proactive approach to your health could lead to prevention of disease and illness in the future, so take control today and start your own REVIV journey.   

Supporting our overarching mission to revive individual health and wellness journeys – across the global population.

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