IM vitamin shots

IM vitamin shots are  a quick method of receiving essential nutrients into your body via intramuscular injection. REVIV offer a comprehensive menu of options, each with potential wellness benefits, meaning vitamin shots are a great way to supplement for the time pressed.

REVIV IM Vitamin Shots

How is it administered?

An intramuscular (IM) vitamin shot is administered by injecting vitamins and nutrients directly into either the deltoid or gluteal muscle. This method allows for quick absorption into the bloodstream, making it an effective way to deliver vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to the body.

REVIV IM Vitamin Shots Supporting

Why vitamin shots?


REVIV vitamin shots offer a number of nutrients from the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D, vitamins C and B12 to name just a few. Our body's need nutrients to help maintain good health. 


Your commitment to time spent in the clinic is kept to a minimum with a vitamin shot, making it a speedy option for those who are time pressed.


There are lots of ways to take in nutrition through diet, supplements and vitamin shots are another source. They are administered via the muscle and are absorbed into the body.

The skin and hair vitamin

Helps maintain the normal appearance of hair and skin, while also supporting a normal metabolism and normal psychological function

Weight loss support

Introduce Slimboost to your weight management journey, alongside a healthy diet and exercise, to support your normal metabolism

Vital vitamin C

A quick way to maintain your body’s vitamin C levels


All the B vitamins

From contributing to the reduction in tiredness and fatigue to contributing to the support of a normal immune system, B vitamins are an essential nutrient for overall wellness


CoQ10 three ways

Support your physical well-being with coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 as it is found in nearly all cells in the body

Maintain your glow

The Vitaboost vitamin shot aims to support your body's normal levels of glutathione

The sunshine vitamin

This essential vitamin cannot be ingested but is absorbed through exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D plays an important role in the body including contributing to normal function of the immune system

Bio-hackers, listen up!

Maintain your wellness with our new NAD+ IM vitamin shot